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Мэдээ, мэдээлэл
Вэйхай Шаанси худалдааны танхим манай компанид зочлов

On the afternoon of October 31, the leaders of the Shaanxi Chamber of Commerce in Weihai City, the governing units, and more than 20 members of the member units visited our company for guidance.


President Lei Xinbao summarized the event and made several suggestions for the development of the member week of the Chamber of Commerce. He affirmed the achievements of the respondents and said that the Chamber of Commerce is a strong backing for the enterprise. The Chamber of Commerce has always been the purpose. Member Week can't be confined to a narrow scope. It is necessary to keep a long-term vision. Every activity must benefit the company, so that members can know each other, understand each other and trust each other until they win hands.

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