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● WDO (WEIHAI DINGXIN OPTICAL) is one of the most Potential Finished and Semi-Finished Optical Lenses factory located in Weihai City, China. It was establish in 1998 with covering 24400 spm आणि 280 कर्मचारी. The annual production and sales of lenses are 30 million pieces, and the annual sales have exceeded 100 दशलक्ष for five consecutive years.

We are a member unit of CHINA OPTOMETRIC & OPTICAL ASSOCIATION,also one of the Board of directors of Shaanxi Chamber of Commerce in Weihai.

● Our Key & Advantage Products:

Single Vision Lens:CR-39;1.56;1.60;1.67;1,74

बायफोकल लेन्स: सीआर-एक्सएनयूएमएक्स; एक्सएनयूएमएक्स; एक्सएनयूएमएक्स

प्रोग्रेसिव्ह लेन्स: सीआर-एक्सएनयूएमएक्स; एक्सएनयूएमएक्स; एक्सएनयूएमएक्स

फंक्शनल लेन्स: ब्लू कट, फोटोक्रोमिक; फोटोमॅजिक + यूव्हीएक्सएनयूएमएक्सकट, ध्रुवीकरण; पॉली कार्बोनेट

आरएक्स सेवा: विनामूल्य फॉर्म; विशेष कोटिंग; विशेष उर्जा श्रेणी

● Top Strategic Cooperation Partners


The world's top vacuum coating equipment group, suitable for different refractive index and film system needs, while ensuring
uniform film surface layer of each lens, greatly extending the life of the lens.


One of the world's three major chemical companies, the world's leading high-fold resin lens materials MR-7
and MR-8, which are synthesized using polyurethane technology, are world-famous for their outstanding optical properties.


The world's top resin raw material supplier, with more than 100 factories and scientific research institutions around the world.
Dingxin 1.499 monomer has been used in the United States PPG original imported monomer, excellent lens performance


The world's leading automatic garage equipment can perform routine and special requirements such as rough grinding of the lens,
axial orientation of astigmatism, prism processing, and center thickness setting.


Using free-form surface processing technology, it is possible to produce a better point-like focusing inner surface
progressive film according to the prescription, providing a more perfect visual experience.


One of the world's top manufacturers of color-changing lens materials, the color-changing sheets produced from their materials
are discolored and faded quickly and durable.


As a Chinese lens manufacturing company, Dingxin has always been committed to the development
of industry materials and product innovation. Dingxin has established long-term cooperation in industry
and education with the optometry major of the national colleges and universities, and has carried out
school-enterprise interaction and implemented the talent mutual training program.

● WDO (WEIHAI DINGXIN OPTICAL)  is the lens Company with a powerful strength and bright future. it’s success is based on its trust, technology, quality and excellent service.

Our business partners are in more than 40 देश आणि प्रांत. The United States, Europe, Africa, South America, Australia, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions....