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What does the Baby see?

What does the Baby see?

The most frequently asked questions by parents

"How far can my baby see?" or a related question "How big objects can my baby see?"

The first question is about the focusing ability of infants and young children, that is, 

the optical part of vision. Although infants have the physical ability to focus at any distance, 

they cannot control the muscles of the eyeball at the beginning. 

This means that at the beginning of life For a few months,

 they may not be able to accurately align the target, sometimes the focus is in front of the object, 

sometimes in the back. At about 2 to 3 months, 

infants and young children will gradually be able to project images on the retina and change the focus distance to see objects at different distances. 

However, the vision is still not as clear as an adult.

 Babies need more conditions to see clearly.

 The reason for the unclear vision can be regarded as the answer to the second question,

 that is, what is the baby's ability to see details or visual acuity. 

To improve visual acuity, firstly, a good optical focus is required, and secondly, 

and more importantly, the retina and brain must be mature.

 In order for the crystal to achieve precise optical focusing,

 the part of the brain responsible for visual information processing must transmit instructions on whether the image is clear through neural signals. 

The areas responsible for vision in the retina and brain of young children are not fully developed.

 The main cause of blurred vision in babies is the resolution of the (neural) transmission, not the optical quality.

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