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Globalna konferencja promocji marki 2019 - Stacja Afrykańska

Witajcie, koledzy z branży optycznej w Afryce!

We Weihai DINGXIN OPTICAL 2019 Globalna konferencja promocji marki ----- Stacja Afryki
is about to open. At that time, we will hold a new product launch conference and academic
exchange activities. In-depth study will also be conducted in some guest companies. If you
are interested, please contact us in time to plan in advance.

Our event is planned to travel to the following countries and regions:

Zimbabwe, Malawi, Namibia, Angola, Kenya, Tunisia, Ethiopia.

The person in charge of this project: 
Mr. Jackson FONG
Email: info@dingxinoptical.com

WhatsApp: 0086 152 6611 3669