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Podstawowe wiadomości
Our eyes were not made for the modern world

There are various reasons why information about your personal lifestyle and visual habits is very important for your  optician.

In recent years the emergence of new technologies and digital devices has changed our everyday personal and working lives dramatically. We spend an average of five hours viewing our smartphones, tablets or TV screens every day. We look at our mobile phones an amazing 80 times a day. And this trend is accelerating.

The increased demands now being made on our eyes also extend to driving. Bad weather and poor light still pose a challenge, of course, but the irritation caused by glare and the increased use of navigation systems in vehicles require our eyes to switch constantly from near to far and focus repeatedly on small information displays. This demands the utmost performance from our eyes, which - from the age of 30 onwards - may result in eye strain.

Whether at work or in our private lives, these technological advances are not only revolutionizing the way we live, but are subjecting our eyes to increasing stress - both at work and in our private lives.


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