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The baby sees more than people think

The baby sees more than people think

Although the eyesight of young children is not as good as that of adults, studies have shown that Bao has many visual skills. Their visual experience is not only rich and well-organized, and their visual functions are definitely not "colorful and extremely chaotic, even when babies are born." With good enough eyesight, many facial features can be seen in the arms of the father or mother, such as: eyes, mouth, nose, and even a fly that flies on the nose can see clearly

The visual acuity of an 8-month-old baby is less than twice that of an adult’s visual acuity, and the increase in sensitivity to light, light and darkness, and contrast sensitivity is about four times that of the increase in visual acuity, so 8-9 Weeks (not 8-9 months old babies can distinguish between the two gray scales with a brightness difference of only 0.5%, which is about half the sensitivity of an adult! Although it is difficult to distinguish the very soft light tones, but in the first few of life In the middle of the month, babies can see colors. With the development and perfection of the nervous system, especially the fovea of the retina, color vision and visual acuity will continue to improve, approaching adult vision.

In addition to the sensory and perception changes experienced, the baby's eyes, brain, and body will also undergo tremendous changes in size and coordination during this period. They need to be constantly adjusted to maintain vision, eye movement, depth perception, and hand-eye coordination. Accuracy. Therefore, the first year of life is the fastest growing period, accompanied by many complex neurological and physical changes, which are indispensable for obtaining a rich visual experience. 

Russell D. Hamer, PH.D.


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