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WDO (Weihai Dingxin Optical) is one of the most Potential Finished and Semi-Finished Optical Lenses factory located in Weihai City, China. It was establish in 1998 with covering 24400 spm and 280 employees.....

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Single Vision Lens:CR-39;1.56;1.60;1.67;1,74

Ống kính hai tròng: CR-39; 1.56; 1.60

Ống kính lũy tiến: CR-39; KHAI THÁC; XUẤT KHẨU

Ống kính chức năng: Blue Cut, Photochromic; Photomagic + UV420cut, Phân cực; Polycarbonate

Dịch vụ RX: Mẫu miễn phí; Lớp phủ đặc biệt; Phạm vi năng lượng đặc biệt

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Technical Services FARFLY technical department composed by technical supporting engineers,product development and design engineers.the formers will be in conjunction with the sales engineers...

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